Button: Can’t afford Hamilton-type errors

McLaren driver Jenson Button has posted his thoughts on the remainder of the season but I can’t help but find some innuendo’s toward his own teammate Lewis Hamilton and his cock up at Monza last week.

“I think you have to take each race as it comes, I think that driving just to score a certain number of points isn’t in a racing driver’s psyche.

“I felt that a little bit last year, I knew I only had to keep scoring consistently to take the title, but that was probably more mentally taxing than just putting your head down and going for it.

“I think consistency is important in some ways, though, but obviously you need a car that will get you to the finish of every Grand Prix and you don’t want to start making knee-jerk or radical decisions on setup or strategy because you think it might give you an advantage.

“We’re racers, so we’ll always be racing, but the pressure’s now on all of us because none of us can afford another non-finish or a mistake. And the guy who cracks least will be World Champion.”

Button seems to be addressing the issue Hamilton faced and defending the notion of not just point harvesting but then takes a turn and says that making radical set-up changes and having non-finishes is no way to win titles.

I think Button’s assertion is correct and I tend to believe that it is the man who doesn’t crack at all who will take the title because one out of five is certainly there to win without the errors and perhaps Monza has given Hamilton a new focus for the remainder of the season.

I suspect Jenson will have his hands full keeping Hamilton behind him for the remainder of the year but he also said that he is through with playing it safe. He is concentrated on taking more risks because that’s what it will take to see him defend the title.

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