Button: Lewis to Mercedes is a ‘mistake’

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McLaren driver Jenson Button says that his teammates exit to Mercedes for 2013 is a mistake. Lewis Hamilton announced that he would be moving to Mercedes AMG Petronas replacing Michael Schumacher for the 2013 season and has admitted that things will be a challenge there as far as the pace of the car goes. He fancies the challenge and feels he can help build the team around him and develop the car.

Button is quoted as saying:

“He has chosen to go his own way at the end of the year. It is his decision, although I personally don’t think it is the right decision,” Button told the Guardian.

On one hand you could consider the comments as the pot calling the kettle black because Button also has had a few dodgy moves in his past career that didn’t work out. One could argue the BAR F1 team was a bust but then it did come good in the end after being sold to Ross Brawn.

On the other hand, Button’s advice is most likely born from the trial and errors of his career and merely offered as an opinion based on what he knows and has personally experienced both at McLaren and other teams.

What do you think? Is Jenson right? We’ve all offered our thoughts on the move but Buttons says that there is a wrong impression about McLaren. The rumors of a strained relationship between Hamilton and the team are overplayed says Button:

“The team will give Lewis everything they can because Lewis can give the team chances of winning races, as I can,” he said “The team care about the drivers, but also they care about winning. There will not be any change in this team at all in the way we go racing with two drivers.”

“It is amazing how opinionated people are with this team and none of it is true. The atmosphere in the team is fantastic. As far as I can see with Lewis, he is focused and wants to win races. Nothing has changed, it is just the view of a few people with a wide audience and they need to get their facts straight.”

Do you think the team have made it more difficult for Hamilton this year or is it a case of Lewis simply checking out mentally as he really wants a new challenge and for his future to be a decision he alone makes?


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