Button not helping Lewis win trophies…which he wants by the way

McLaren has always had a tradition of giving their winning driver a replica trophy and keeping the original for the team. This has been the case for some time now and while you would think that an important contract negotiation, such as Lewis Hamilton’s, would be centered on money (I am sure it is) it is unique in that he says the hardware is a real sticking point with him.

Hamilton is quoted by the Telegraph explaining that two things are very important to a driver. The helmet and the trophy:

“They are the two things that are the most valuable,” he claimed. “I don’t care if they don’t give me my cars, but those two things are what you put your blood and sweat in to.”

Lewis says this is a “push point” for contract negotiations and that many other teams allow the driver to keep the trophy but not McLaren. I am sure he knew this was the case as he handed over his most recent trophy for his win in Hungary this past weekend. What do you think? Should the team get the original and the driver get the replica or the other way around?

Button’s help

Also interesting in this article was some comments made from Hamilton’s teammate, Jenson button. Button has struggled this season but lately the new McLaren upgrades have afforded him a podium finish and a pace more competitive with his teammate and competitors. As such, Button doesn’t feel he’s out of the running for the title and isn’t prepared to start helping Hamilton attempt a run at the championship:

“I’m going to help the team get as many points as they can,” he continued. “If I am leading a race, then I want to win that race. That’s what racing drivers do. We don’t have a No1 and a No2 driver in this team.

“If there comes a time in this championship when I can’t win, then I will obviously help my team-mate. But there’s a long way to go and a long time before I will feel I am in that position.”

Button stands on 76 points in the championship race while Hamilton is at 117. To be honest, Fernando has a commanding 40-point lead and as Button points out, that will be hard to overtake. If Fernando finishes in the top 5 in the remaining races, the other drivers will be fighting and taking points away from each other. It’s certainly not impossible but Alonso has been consistent and that is what will win this year’s championship. Button could have a point if he can start to equal that consistency and remain ahead of Lewis in the process.



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