Button on: Cool weather, Webber and ‘ragged’ Vettel

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ButtonThe world championship leading Britain Jenson Button says the cooler temperatures shouldn’t be as critical to his Brawn GP car this weekend in Germany. A dominant season has shown only one weakness so far and that was the cool temperatures at China and Silverstone the only races Brawn GP hasn’t won this year.

“It is supposed to be around 20 degrees this weekend but I don’t think it’s such an issue here because we have the super-soft tyre here, which is good,” Button said.

“It’s the same tyre we used in Bahrain, Monaco and China, but we obviously didn’t get to use it.

“The super-soft tyres work well for us and even with these temperatures I think we can get them to work well. Maybe other teams will struggle with them.”

Jenson may have a good point as the super soft rubber could be a better match for the Brawn GP car. We’ve been wondering if this issue could be exploited by the Red Bull team and coming off the British Grand Prix weekend there was every thought that the run to the title could be interesting with the stepped tire compound regulation the FIA has instituted this year. But just when REd Bull fans had figured the team found Brawn’s Achilles heel; the FIA decides the change the stepped tire compound regulation for the next four races. Germany, Hungary, Belgium and European Grands Prix will see the regulation suspended. Three of these circuits could be the cooler races on the calendar so doesn’t this play well with the Brawn GP cars? If you’re a Red Bull fan, there could be a conspiracy theory in there somewhere.

Jenson also took the time to discuss his main rivals with some smack talk about his main rival Sebastian Vettel:

“The Red Bull is not just Sebastian and I think Mark is going to be quick here.

“He has more experience round here than Sebastian does. Sebastian has never raced in an F1 car here.”

“If you look at the two drivers, Sebastian looks like he can be quicker – at all the circuits he has been he’s been the quicker driver – but consistency-wise, Webber looks stronger.

“He’s much smoother and looks less ragged. It’s two different styles.”

Well…that may be all the incentive Vettel needs to show Jenson just how bad “ragged” can sting a rival in the arse. There is no question Webber is a very good driver and genuinely decent bloke but Jenson is marginalizing the danger Vettel poses to his title bid should Red Bull prove to have bridged the gap in performance to the Brawn GP cars. We’ll see if Vettel takes the bait and if the Brawn’s find the elusive heat they desperately need for their rubber.


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