Button: Tough fight ahead

Our man Jenson Button has enjoyed the downtime but there is no time to rest. They fully expect the BMW, Ferrari and Mclaren teams to make up lost ground quickly. If I were a betting man, which I am not, I would not disagree with him. I think the new diffusers on the Ferrari’s, BMW’s and Macca’s will look good.

“I am understandably delighted with how our season has begun. However we are only two races in and everyone at the team is aware that our competitors will not stand still. We fully expect a tough fight from here if we want to continue our early successes.

“Looking ahead to next weekend, the Shanghai International Circuit is an enjoyable one for the drivers and a good technical challenge to find the right set-up.

“I particularly enjoy the high-speed sections and the overtaking opportunities going into the tight right-hander at turn five and at the end of the back straight.”

“Whilst there have been no developments to the car, we have taken the opportunity to address a few small issues which arose over the first two races and we are in good shape for the next race in China,” said Brawn. “We are expecting temperatures will be cooler and less humid this year with the race taking place six months earlier.

“Therefore as was the case in Malaysia, we will need to be prepared for the unexpected as rain has played its part in recent races at the Shanghai International Circuit.”

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