Button’s words signal his retirement

This weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix had me wondering if Jenson Button was long for the world at McLaren. I mentioned this in the race review after noticing a markedly different demeanor in his comments to the press and on team radio. Apparently I’m not alone in my speculation.

Several outlets are suggesting that the 2009 World Champion will make his retirement announcement this weekend at the Japanese Grand Prix and if that happens, I won’t be surprised in the least.

Button was curt and snippy about his weekend in Singapore and about the car. He wasn’t too heavy-handed but certainly didn’t sound like a driver who is towing the company line.

Reports had Button in discussions with Ron Dennis last week but apparently they haven’t born fruit. There is also the issue of Kevin Magnussen waiting in the wings as well as Stoffel Vandoorne.

Whether Button had options for Haas F1 or another team is not known but after 19 years in the sport, perhaps he’s looking at other racing opportunities in sports car racing or Rallycross?

If true, I will miss Jenson Button. I’ve watched his entire career and believe him to be a god ambassador of the sport. I get the impression he’s never been high on Ron Dennis’s list but he is on mine and like Mark Webber before him, the sport will be poorer without Jenson in the race.

I hope I’m wrong on this because I like JB a lot but the Times and Mail Online both have him announcing his retirement in Japan this weekend.

Hat Tip: Daily Mail

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I like Jenson too but like Kimi it’s time for him to move on and let someone younger and more hungry to have a chance


I think it’s time for something new for him. So glad I got to meet him at Goodwood.


I don’t want to see him out of racing all together just yet, and I expect he’ll want to spend some time away from F1 scene to explore other series. But if there is a plus side to all his early retirements this year, it’s that he’s had a lot more time on mic in interview during the races to demonstrate what a perfect commentator he will be for when he does leave the sport.

Negative Camber

I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I would love to see NBC Sports pick JB up as a new driver perspective with current F1 experience. :)


LOL! Apparently if I post that comment enough people start picking up on it….

Now to do the same on NBCSN’s website….

Cue evil laughter….

Bogdan Popa

A very average racing driver who had the luck of driving the best car in 2009 ( we all know why brawn was the best car) with a poor colleague.just remeber that redbull came out strong only at the end of the year when it was too late. But he could be a sports ambassador or maybe even a FIA president someday.


You have clearly been watching another formula for the past 18 years. No one has ever won the WDC in a bad car. A WDC, 15 race wins and 50 podiums is not bad for an ‘average’ driver. Outscoring Hamilton over their three seasons together and driving from dead last after an accident with Hamilton and a ‘sto-go’ penalty to the top step plus overtaking Vettel on the final lap in Canada 2011 is hardly mediocre either. The great Alonso has hardly blown him off, quite the contrary. Get a life.

cameron coulson

Pure nonsense fellow. Button has been an outstanding drier.


I kinda get the feeling McLaren are ready to put k-mag in that seat anyways

Sir Andrew

Really? Vandoorne has been getting media airtime recently, and I reckon he will be the replacement. He has been driving this season, which K-Mag hasn’t been doing, and K-Mag seems to have been talking to Haas, which isnt a sign of a driver confident in gaining a McLaren seat.


Civility. Decorum. Like Jenson.


Well considering he’s been retiring every fortnight this year, I think it’s the right time to go. And to be honest I feel Alonso should follow suit, it’s going to be a long time until McLaren is up to speed. They’ll have more fun at WEC.

Paul KieferJr

“Daily Mail”, eh? I’m not hearing good things about their reputation, so I’d probably take this with a grain of salt, along the same lines as the “National Enquirer”. :P

Ric J

Towing the line? I’ve occasionally had to toe the line but I’ve never towed one.


I’d be delighted to see Button, Alonso, and Kimi running with Webber in WEC. Obviously Hulkenberg arranged for Le Mans in his F1 contract. I know this is F1Blog, and I keep hoping for some redemption of the very awful Formula H(ybrid) “power units,” but at the moment WEC – which ironically is enhanced by the LMP hybrid engines – is proving to be the much more interesting global racing series. Experienced and skilled drivers count for a great deal in sports car racing. They should go where their skills are needed and useful. I’m really hoping that’s where Button… Read more »