Cambered Corner — Heyward Wagner on the SCCA Time Trials program

Today on The Parc Fermé’s Cambered Corner we have pleasure of welcoming the SCCA’s Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs, Heyward Wagner, to talk about the recent revival of experience-driven events at race tracks around the country and specifically the renewal of the SCCA Time Trials program and the continuation of Track Night in America.

Track Night in America is an experiential program started in 2015 as a low-cost way to bring car enthusiasts to race tracks across the United States. The program provides novice drivers the opportunity to drive at speed on a proper road course. Since it’s inception, it has proven wildly popular, drawing from a much larger demographic than those who participate in full-fledged, wheel-to-wheel road racing. Given the success of the Track Night in America program, the Heyward Wagner’s SCCA Experiential Programs team has revived the Time Trials program, what was formally known as Solo I. We talk with Heyward about the origins and impetus for both the Track Night in America and the Time Trials programs.

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Learn more about the SCCA Track Night in America and the Time Trials programs at

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Thanks Doug for the guest in your podcast, I’m now looking up my local SCCA chapter to look for these track nights!