Campos Meta cool Piquet rumor

While the Campos Meta F1 team has yet to name their second driver who will join Bruno Senna for the 2010 season, the rumor mill had former F1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. (of Renault crash-gate fame) as the front runner.


It was rumored that Nelson Piquet Sr. was willing to front cash and take a minority ownership position in order to secure a ride for his son. General manager and former Super Aguri man, Daniele Audetto, says that the deal may be unlikely as they could secure more funding elsewhere but did admit that there had been talks regarding the appointment of Piquet Jr. This is all according to a Eurosport report which is quoting a story at The original source can be seen here at La Stampa.

“We did receive an offer from Piquet,” Audetto told La Stampa, “and Adrian [Campos] analysed that offer. We have nothing against Nelsinho, even if he was involved in the race fixing scandal. He is an excellent driver who is quick and has experience. But having already signed Bruno Senna, we can not have two Brazilians.

“The proposed 15 per cent investment would have been inferior to what other drivers could bring, with Italian, Russian, Chinese and German drivers all interested to name a few nationalities.

“Of course there are negotiations ongoing which will continue until all of the details are confirmed.”

Pedro de la Rosa, Vitaly Petrov and Pastor Maldonado have all been linked to the drive as well and it remains to be seen just who Campos Meta will select but it may be a very good chance that the seat will go to the highest bidder. The Piquet’s are searching for a way to re-instate Nelson in F1 and to regain his respect and name after suffering a career-ending blow by being a catalyst and participant in the 2008 Singapore crash scandal at Renault. If there is a way to purchase the seat, there may be very little stopping the Piquets from doing just that but does F1 need Piquet? While the FIA exonerated him of all wrongdoing in the scandal, are the fans as forgiving?

What do you think? Should Campos Meta or any other team give Nelson Piquet Jr. another chance? As time goes by, it seems very clear that Nelson Piquet Sr. is pulling the strings and making the waves in an effort to get his son a ride.

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