Campos Meta to miss Bahrain Grand Prix?

In a news report at Speed TV, the American motorsport television channel, veteran Bob Varsha announced that USF1 has asked the FIA for a deferment until 2011. We discuss that story here. There is another, very brief statement in that news report that is equally large and unfortunately not expanded upon.

Campos Meta

It seems that Speed TV also have the understanding that recently rescued team Campos Meta will not be making it to the grid in Bahrain March 12th. Color me reactionary but this is a large news item as Campos Meta was recently bailed out by investor Jose Ramon Carabante and appointed veteran team manager Colin Kolles to harness the chaos and get the team on the grid. WE asked at that time how feasible it would be to get a car that has not been assembled or tested on the grid in three weeks time and it seems Speed TV has been told; it isn’t feasible.

One can’t help but wonder if Stefan GP’s gamble hasn’t paid off as according to Speed TV, two teams will be missing from the grid in Bahrain and while the Serbian team named after Zoran Stefanovic has been releasing somewhat desperate press releases lately, their diligence may just pay off.

This also brings to light the issue of FIA punishment for missing a race versus the Concorde Agreements benevolence regarding missing three races. What will the punishment be for Campos Meta should they miss the first race? We’ll have to see what comes out of the Campos camp and Colin Kolles mouth before casting stones or making judgments but if Speed TV is correct, I can’t wait until the next Ferrari Horse Whisperer!

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