Can British steel save Marussia?

It’s the eleventh hour and 190 employees are wondering just what might become of the Marussia team. If the owner can come to an agreement with two British steel magnates, they may still have a job and a future.

According to the Telegraph, brothers Baljinder Sohi and Sonny Kaushal have made an offer to Russian billionaire owner, Andrei Cheglakov, to buy the team. The reports says they parties were 10 million away on the valuation.

“We are very close to a deal,” Sohi claimed. “But it has to be the right price. We have put in a serious offer and we will see what happens.”

The FOM freight service has already left the UK so any chance of a last-minute deal for USGP might be out of the question and possibly Brazil but if the lingering 9th place in the constructor’s championship payout has any merit to the deal, they will want to protect that as soon as possible. One wet, unpredictable race could hand that over to Sauber if Marussia isn’t careful.

It seems likely that they may look at Abu Dhabi as a returning point if the deal can be done but that’s just my speculation.

Cross your fingers, this team needs a savior. Or a at least Rob Halford to keep “living after midnight”.

Hat Tip: Telegraph

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