Canada / New Zealand Call For Mosley’s Resignation

While Max Mosley has stated he has received FIA Member organization support it seems that there is more of a mounting list of organizations denouncing Mr. Mosley and calling for his resignation.

The latest to comment publicly is the Canadian Automobile Association. In a statement by spokeperson Leanne Maidment, the CAA has asked for Mr. Mosley’s resignation:

Leanne Maidment, their director of communications.

“The recent events involving the leadership of the FIA have been distressing and it is CAA’s position that the best resolution to this situation would be for Mr Mosley to step down.

“CAA’s relationship with the FIA has been one we value tremendously, but we are extremely disturbed by recent media reports and the implications that this may have on CAA and other FIA members”.

The New Zealand Automobile Association haws also followed suit. With America, Germany, Holland, Israel and Austria all calling for Mosley’s resignation or reconsideration, I am wondering just who among the FIA members Max is referring to as his support in this matter?

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