Pat Symond’s is asking the FIA to make a special dispensation on their Mass damper system for the Hungarian GP.  Now as anyone on the outside could see,  Renault had a serious lack of pace today; is this the reason?
We all know Kimi was light on Fuel but could the mass damper be the reason Alonso and Fisico showed so poorly?  Pat Symond’s says he doesn’t think this is the main reason and that they believe they know what the problem is.  I am assuming he is suggesting Michelin as the main issue and I would not hesitate to disagree with that assumption.
If Renault were suffering from the lack of a mass damper system today and this caused the lack of pace; one must really take note on how effective that darn thing is/was.  Perhaps Ferrari ran one as well but it obviously didn’t skew their performance when removed.  This author suggests the real issue could be a black, round object found on the four corners of their car and a wobbly nose from a missing mass damper but what do I know?  ;)

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