Carmelo Ezpeleta to lead FOTA breakaway series?

Good friend Dave Emmett from Kropotkin Thinks sent me an email this morning with this story. Thanks for the heads up David.

Jun.8 (GMM) Carmelo Ezpeleta could be the figure FOTA turns to if the major formula one teams decide to quit formula one at the end of the year, according to the Spanish sports newspaper Diario AS.

He is the CEO of Madrid based Dorna Sports, the commercial rights holder of F1’s two-wheeled equivalent MotoGP.

Dorna was bought by CVC, F1’s current owner, in 1998 but is now controlled by its management.

It has been credited with transferring the rule-making power of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) to the GP Manufacturers Association (MSMA).

The newspaper said FOTA has already had contact with Ezpeleta, who would be reportedly willing to take command of a breakaway.

So if AS is correct, FOTA have already explored the notion of a breakaway series and oddly, would Carmelo, of DORNA fame, be their guy?

Let’s face it, you can understand the need for a pivotal character to handle the details of a series and Carmelo certainly has done that. The increase in fame and fortune of the MotoGP series is a result of some of his handiwork but it is also seeing some all too familiar earmarks of an incestuous relationship with the FIA over some recent regulation changes that DORNA has instituted (and adversely impacted the sport of MotoGP). Not too mention that DORNA was owned by the CVC Equity group who also owns F1. Although the European government forced them to divest their interest as it breached anti-trust laws; the nepotism makes one wonder if FOTA are pooping too close to the house on this one.

I suggest that many would argue the FIA and DORNA/Expeleta are sympatric at best and while coincidental in similar regulations-making exercises, they really are not inbreeding. Could be. I assume the FOTA members have done their due diligence on this issue and perhaps the new role would find Carmelo leaving DORNA completely to organize a new series. Let us hope so should Max fail to acquiesce on the regulations nonsense.

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