Caterham assets up for sale, the end of the end

While Formula 1 fans were smiling about a possible return to the grid in 2015 for the beleaguered Marussia team, it seems that the other team in administration has now listed its assets for sale which seems to indicate that they will not be resuming their F1 program this year.

Caterham attended the final race of the 2014 season on the back of a crowdfunding event to raise cash in order for the team to travel to Abu Dhabi as they said there were serious investors to meet and discussions to be had about continuing in 2015. Unfortunately, it seems that these discussions didn’t help matters.

Wyles Hardy & Co. will be handling the auction of Caterham’s assets so if you’d like to get some memorabilia, here’s where you can bid.

Perhaps Haas F1 might take a peak at the list and continue filling in their gaps with equipment from Caterham’s fire sale.

It is a sad day for Caterham and its employees (not to mention Finbarr) and I can’t help from being a tad cross with Tony Fernandes over this entire debacle but then owning a English Premier Football team does take a lot of a person’s time.



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