Caterham uncertainty as assets seized

Firmly planted on a couch many thousands of miles away from Leafield in the UK, it’s a little difficult to discern exactly what’s going on with the Caterham F1 team at the moment.

Rumors and tweets began to circulate about bailiffs seizing assets of the company and asking employees to leave the premises. The team offered a quick rebuttal to those comments by offering this statement:

“There have been unfounded and unsubstantiated rumours concerning actions against 1MRT, the entrant and owner of CaterhamF1,” said Caterham in a statement.

“An action was threatened yesterday against a supplier company to 1MRT. This company is not owned by 1MRT and it has no influence over the entry of CaterhamF1 or the entrant.

“Also contrary to uncontrolled rumours, all operations are currently in place at Leafield and the race team is doing its preparation in Japan.”

As AUTOSPORT points out, however, The Sheriff’s Office has published a list of goods it claims were owned by Caterham that are now up for public auction. This includes:

  • Caterham F1 test car (2013)
  • Caterham F1 car parts (due for Japan 2014)
  • Full size 6 DOF motion platform F1 simulator
  • Caterham F1 steering wheels
  • F1 wheels with tyres
  • High quality drilling & machining equipment
  • Caterham & Lotus F1 memorabilia
  • Various pit lane equipment including jacks, pumps and starters
  • TVs, monitors and other goods and equipment

So now the plot thickens. This doesn’t necessarily look like a list of things that belonged to a supplier that happened to have assets on the premises…unless that supplier happened to be tony Fernandes himself. Perhaps these were not items included in the asset acquisition when a group of investors purchased the team from Tony Fernandes? Just speculating there.

The Sheriffs Office said: We can confirm the goods have been removed from Caterham Sports Limited at the Leafield enforcement address and are in secure storage. A full a detailed inventory will follow shortly with pictures of the goods.

The team says it is business as usual—hope the  bailiffs didn’t seize that new, magical wing that will see the team fighting with Sauber, Lotus and the rest of the midfield this weekend in Japan. The race team is sitting in Japan waiting on team boss, Manfredi Ravetto, to show up and tell them what’s going on. Tough times for Caterham.  Thanks Tony, we appreciate it. How’s QPR doing by the way?

Hat Tip: Emma Buxton

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