Caterham’s factory locked; a war of tweets and statements

The latest news from the BBC regarding the Caterham debacle is that the employees have been locked out of the offices in Leafield while the new “owners” argue with the old “owner” over who paid what.

IT seems the new owners have now suggested that former owner Tony Fernandes is still running the team and is responsible for its actions as the two side tweet and release statements shaming each other. Meanwhile, employees are waiting to work.

What a complete mess. Such a mess that Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has weighed in saying:

“We’re trying to help in any way we, which we do with anybody that has run into a bit of difficulty,”

“All I know is what I’ve been told. Not too sure it’s all true either.”

“it is a little bit too complicated to be able to say anything with any real knowledge”.

Ecclestone, if memory serves correctly, sold his interest in the QPR football team to Fernandes so he most likely knows how tony works and perhaps has a unique perspective on the situation but only time will tell if the team can remedy the situation before Saturday when the cars are slated to leave for Austin.

The team released a statement suggesting that Tony Fernandes had not assigned his shares that they had purchased and Fernandes tweeted that they hadn’t paid for what they bought. Ugly.

Hat Tip: BBC Sport

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