Chandhok: Korean circuit needs ‘ A lot more work’

Jettisoned HRT driver Karun Chandhok has completed his hot laps of the new Korean circuit slated to host it’s inaugural F1 race October 24 as the 17th round of the F1 series. With local promoters saying the track is 90% complete, it seems that Chandhok feels there is work yet to be done. He told the Times:

“Undoubtedly they still have a lot more work to do but now it looks like we’re just in the touch-up stages,” he said from the circuit after completing 15 laps in a V10-engined Red Bull demonstration car and a further 10 in a road car. “The asphalt and kerbs need a bit more work but it all looks under control,”

The complex released several pictures earlier this week but they weren’t very telling as to the current status of the facilities or what remains to be done prior to the race. FIA race director Charlie Whiting is to inspect the circuit on his way tot he Singapore race later this month.

Chandhok’s assessment of the track?

“It has a good mix of corners,” he said after the ‘Circuit Run 2010’ event.

“The first part of the lap has long straights followed by slow corners which should allow plenty of passing opportunities.

“From turn seven onwards the circuit opens up and there are four high-speed corners with some elevation changes which will be interesting for the drivers.

“Turns eight-nine and 11-12 are going to be really interesting for the drivers with high-speed changes of direction and camber changes.

“It’s got a bit of a street circuit feel to it with the walls being quite close and you can’t really look through the apex of a lot of corners,” added the driver.

That sounds positive and with the rumors centered on doubt the event will happen, it seems the press junket to watch Chandhok has been well received. If KIC and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone can pull this off, perhaps that can work on improving relations between North and South Korea?

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