Changes to TPF Podcast Feed

The season is over and we head into the winter season and you all know what that means. It’s time to do some house cleaning and work on the code and elements behind The Parc Fermé.

When we made the name change last December (2017), we needed a quick home for all of our podcasts. We moved them to a new RSS feed at and it has been ok but it isn’t a hosting location specifically built for podcasts.

After researching some of the better podcast hosting sites, Podbean seemed to be a nice fit and an affordable fit. We’re stewards of our supporters donations and we need to maximize our donation dollars for the best and most economic results.

To that point, I have started moving all of our podcasts over to Podbean and updated the RSS feed with Apple iTunes. You may have been impacted by a new feed and a downloading of all the podcasts as the new feed re-direct propagated and I apologize for that but it’s part of the process so we don’t lose any current feed subscribers.

Podbean also has an app for podcasts and so far the only issue I have is that they prevented me from uploading more podcasts this month due to the number of podcasts I moved over. This seems completely antithetical to new Podbean customers who are moving their entire show to their platform and could prevent content creators from uploading current episodes as well. Yes, I have issued a trouble ticket with them and I get to sit around waiting for them to tell me how their service can assist me in moving my show to their platform. That seems antithetical to sales and good initial perceptions.

Anyway, in case your RSS feed didn’t update or there was an issue, delete the show from your favorite podcast player and re-enter it using this new RSS feed:

This should get you right back into the swing of things. You can visit our Podbean page here as well.

Some folks love the new F1 theme song.

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