Charlie Whiting Speaks

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Autosport has a new story quoting Charlie Whiting on the entire incident that transpired at the Australian Grand Prix. Apparently Lewis Hamilton personally apologized to Charlie for his actions. Also, Charlie shares some more detail on the actual meetings and what was said during those meetings. This information, if true, does implicate Lewis and Dave Ryan more clearly and displays the reticence that Charlie had all along.

Much of the consternation is also politically driven between Max Mosley, Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh. The players involved all have an agenda and while castigating McLaren seems par for the course lately, the FIA have little room to champion their integrity based upon last years events involving its President. Ron Dennis and Max Mosley have no tight relationship and Anthony knows that. By going to Max for advice on how to handle the situation, he poured salt in to a very open wound already. Max, quick to hammer Ron, gave Lewis dispensation for his telling the truth. Lewis had numerous occasions to the tell the truth and chose not to. Dave Ryan did as well. Charlie said of Lewis:

“I was distinctly uncomfortable about Lewis’s demeanour on Sunday [in Australia], and on Thursday [in Malaysia] I would say he was just doing what he was told to do,” said Whiting. “On Sunday it was completely clear that he was telling lies.


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