Let’s face it; if you don’t like Michael Schumacher—that’s fine.  But if you don’t feel he drove a terrific race on Sunday, you’re brain damaged.

Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix was a combination of:

Fuel, science, speed, weather prediction, time, mistakes, talent, temperament, rubber, moisture, wind and desire.

Ok, most races are but in this case, Michelin certainly were like long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs before the race.  They knew, and almost conceded as much, that if it didn’t rain during the race—their goose was cooked.  Enter Ferrari.  With no help from his teammate, Michael placed sixth in qualifying.  Seven places better than the next Bridgestone-shod car.  A real feat in itself.  Then he patiently waited for the race to come to him.  Boy did it.  The dry line started to appear mid-race and Fisi and Alonso had difficulties with their Michelin’s.  It is true that Alonso’s mystery issue with the second set of front tires was perplexing and handed the victory to Michael; well that and the 19 second pit stop.  But these things happen in races.  You never know when the wheels will fall off.  Michael won a very important race and pulls the event dead even in points heading into the last two races.

The last two tracks are very familiar to Michael and there is no doubt Fernando will be fired up.  I take nothing away from this young man and I doubt Michael does either.  It should be a terrific race to the end.  Fantastico Michael!  Fabulous drive.  Even Flava Flav would have to admit that.

Ok, side note.  The sign in the grand stand that said “Ralf is the sexiest man alive” was a real hoot.  Who is Ralf paying in China to hold that thing up?  That was hillarious.  Sort of like, “Sato, the best driver ever”. 

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