Chink in FOTA Armor? Ferrari Scold BMW

We’ve been big proponents of the formation of FOTA and have made no bones about our endorsement that this organization is needed to steer F1 into the future but unanimity is the key to FOTA’s success. With that spirit in mind, Ferrari has scolded BMW for their bullish position on KERS for 2009. Is this the first chink in their armor? IT is inevitable that the teams will struggle with total unanimity in FOTA as they all do not share the same prime mover of what it means to be in F1 and I am sure this will pass.

Grace and I have maintained that BMW sees KERS as the missing link between themselves and McLaren and Ferrari. IS it any wonder they intend on using it to full use? Ferrari, in my opinion, are perfectly correct in their assessment of KERS and F1 but they also have to realize that BMW is using this technology to be competitive with Ferrari so they should understand the desire to use it for 2009…especially after spending so much money on the system.

in the F1 teams’ alliance FOTA, however, total unanimity is necessary for measures to be adopted immediately.

“We specified that resolutions must be reached unanimously,” Domenicali confirmed at the Madonna di Campiglio ski event in the Italian Dolomites.

“But sometimes you have to compromise as well,” he is quoted as saying by the German news agency SID. “Everyone could accept that, except BMW.

“Only if we all work together will the future of F1 be rosy, rather than dark, as we are experiencing now,” Domenicali charged.

He insists that the track-debut of Ferrari’s KERS system on Monday went well, “however it is the wrong moment to introduce such a complex system”.

“It has nothing to do with formula one. A lot of money has been thrown out of the window,” Domenicali added.

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