Circuit Chief Pedreras Says Racism Issue Overblown

In Ramon Padreras’s opinion, the entire racism issue has been blown out of proportion. In defense of his track and the security measures taken to stop the offenders (10-15 people), he feels the incident has been blow way out of proportion by the media.

In a story at Autosport, Mr. Pedreras said that immediate measures were taken to stop the offending fans and several were ejected. He does not feel it reflects upon the other 55,000 that did enjoy the event without issue.

Interesting, to me anyway, how UK Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe is reacting on the whole issue. Not a desirable event but is this the forum to use the Lewis incident as a bludgeoning stick to beat the FIA, RFEA and Spain with? Perhaps a meeting between the two countries sporting directors should be arranged so they can discuss amongst themselves but I think they should leave the FIA out of it. Max has done what should be done and stated their position clearly.

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