F1 is never boring irrespective of what they say about passing. The level of competition prompts some serious espionage.

German tabloid Bild ran a story on Saturday reporting that Renault had decrypted Ferrari’s radio communications. Of course Ferrari had no comment and it makes me wonder to what lengths teams will go to for an edge.

I own a commercial AV company and must tell you that the encryption issue surprises me. This is fairly easy to solve with military grade encryption systems. We use them when installing Audio systems for law firms and military bases. They are not terribly expensive and are nearly impossible to break. I am thinking a good move would be an exlusive contract with one of these companies that would dedicate it’s encryption technology to Ferrari. Odd Vodaphone can’t help. Some length in Ferrari’s communication chain must be analog. Perhaps car-to-pit is digitally encrypted but perhaps a crew monitoring device is analog or unencrypted. Just a hunch. Interesting stuff.

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