Clubs Call For Mosley Resignation

Max Mosley

In a letter, carried by most major F1 news sites, the major mobility club members of the FIA have issued a letter requesting Mr. Mosley step down in an orderly fashion.In what has snowballed from the WCAMT letter/comments urging a compromise, it now seems that Mr. Mosley’s personal and professional life are public. It would seem that Mr. Mosley is being pressured by all sides and at some point he must realize that his position is effectively defunct. He cannot possibly feel he carries the respect and credibility needed for the position with so many member clubs calling fo his resignation. No matter how he may or may not have situated the confidence vote meeting of June 3rd; it is clearly public that many clubs want his resignation in an orderly fashion.

If Max is hanging on to this position because he feels the victim in all of this; he may need to be reminded that all of the clubs he represents are becoming victim of his pride, ego and sad devotion to cling to a position of power. The very position he betrayed by engaging in the acts he did. If he wants to have sex with 5 hookers. It just isn’t going to happen in public at the expense of the FIA which is exactly what is happening now. A sad state of affairs to be sure and at some level I feel for Max because I think he has done some really good things for motorsport and road safety. He made a critical error in judgment and now is steeping the FIA in that error instead of taking responsibility for his actions and stepping down.

“The FIA is in a critical situation. Its image, reputation and credibility are being severely eroded. Every additional day that this situation persists, the damage increases. There is no way back.

“We take note of the letter sent by B. Ecclestone to all member clubs, stating his support for the FIA as the sole body governing international motor sport and his willingness to continue working with the FIA, irrespective of the result of the Extraordinary General Assembly on June 3rd. We believe that his explanations put in due perspective the state of the relationship between the FIA and the Formula 1 world, taking away relevance to many of the arguments you make in your letter to justify your continuity. We take note of his point on the importance that a credible and respected president leads the FIA. “We strongly believe that the only respectable way forward for the FIA, and for yourself, is to have an orderly transition, with an immediate agreement and your commitment to step down.”

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