Complexity of COVID-19 on F1’s logistics

One of the elements of Formula 1 that has always impressed me is the logistics for F1 itself as well as the teams in staging races around the world. On the surface of it, you might suggest that this would be a challenging task but when you look into the depth of what is being moved, coordinated, tracked, assembled, disassembled, shipped, paid for and much more is simply staggering.

It’s not the world’s most complex logistics challenge but you have to admit, for a sport, it is an incredibly daunting task. Teams with their own kit, personnel, supplies, travel coordination and more have to be coordinated with other teams, Formula 1 itself, 3rd-party suppliers and much more.

I found this video from Mercedes AMG Petronas very informational about what the impact of COVID-19 has had on their logistics challenges and what they have done to overcome the complexity.

In the end, it is a tremendous amount of hard work by some very detail-oriented people to make it all happen and that’s just one team, add that to nine other teams, suppliers, F1 Itself and on-prem providers and you can get an idea of how massive this effort is.

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