Conquest still in game

Conquest Racing’s Eric Brachelart says they are still in the IRL even through difficult economic times. His staff apparently opted for a salary reduction to keep everything whole. That’s dedication from a group of people who love racing more than life itself and a signal that IRL teams are dedicated to their sport. Refreshing stories even through very difficult times.

“No matter how hard the current economic situation is making things for us in the racing world and everywhere else, never once did I think of closing the doors of Conquest Racing,” Bachelart said.

“I had two options in front of me. One was to reduce the number of employees while moving ahead on finalising our programme for 2009. The other was to ask the employees to take a salary cut and stay with the team while we move forward.

“I’m really happy that everyone has decided to stay together and that I didn’t have to lay off anybody.”

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