Cost cap and crashes | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 745

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We discuss the shocking and sad news of Spa Francorchamps CEO Nathalie Maillet’s death, DRS in 2022, cost caps and much more.

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You know, it occurs to me that F1 could get rid of DRS with a simple, even more FU element: push button to stall your opponent. In reality, that’s what DRS does, opens a discrepancy in sped. Why not do it the other way around and push a button to cause the car in front of you to momentarily stall? Morally the same and much more FU (in the gaming/toy business, FU is a real part of every game).


Here’s a second thought: Todd and Grace– have a look at every race for the past 2 years. Before DRS was enabled, Kimi always passed other cars. My guess is, with DRS being retained, they have taken the last wind from his sails and, yes, he’ll probably retire. The car isn’t there. The driver is but that means nothing. He’s a racer and, yes, DRS is punitive for EVERY real racer.


I enjoyed your discussion on the 2022 regulations and DRS which triggered the following thought. The elephant in the room is the unaligned goals of the FIA and constructors. While the goal of the FIA with it’s 2022 regs is to promote more passing, tell me which constructor would the the goal of making their car the easiest to pass on the grid? Surely the constructors are all working feverishly to make their car produce the dirtiest possible air while still following the letter of the law of the new regs and taking advantage of other constructors who are not… Read more »


sorry about the typos!