Source GMM- It has been reported that Cosworth has suggested a boost button similar to those used in the A1GP series for overtaking. For those not familiar with the concept; it is a boost button that is limited to use during a race and allows for a horsepower surge to make passes etc. The San Marino GP may have ended differently if Fernando had an extra boost to make a pass of MS in the final laps. However, F1 already has an over-rev system and rev-limiter for controlling engine output and boosting performance for passing. I wonder if Cosworth feels their V10’s or their V8’s need it as they currently supply both for the F1 grid.

As a side note; I watched the first A1GP race and most of the teams had used all their allowed boost-button presses on the first lap. They spent the rest of the race following each other with no hope of passing. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this is not a very good option. The teams already have Rev-control and engine mapping to achieve the best performance. And unlike A1GP; these cars are not spec. Sato with a boost button? God help us. ;)

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