Couch Commentator | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 717

Join Grace and me as we review Formula 1 news of the week. We cover more Bottas, Williams, Button and Grosjean news that you can shake a stick at. We even share our unpopular opinions on what Mercedes should do regarding their Lewis Hamilton contract negotiations.

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jiji the cat

ha ha, safety is no longer the trump card, it has been replaced by the George Russel Card

Xean Drury

Hamilton’s wins are already the ‘equity ambassador’. Ferrari doesn’t need Michael kicking around the garage for everyone to remember their dominant era, and nor does Merc need HAM. Plus, does Merc care that much about Lewis’ record, or the team’s record? Because sans Lewis, Bottas would bring them another consecutive championship, and of course George is in waiting. I don’t think Lewis has a card to play really. Though not privy to the conversations, I imagine they go like Lewis saying, “Well how about this?” And Wolfff coming back with “No.” “Okay but what about this?” “No”. Plus I think… Read more »


I wonder who would have to pay LHs salary for a role as “ambassador”. If he would be a team advisor like JB, it would of course come from the race team. But a brand ambassador? That would have to be paid by the car company, no? Any money being tight at the mothership these days, I am not sure they would be willing to pay a lot.


That’s my guess too. But then completely different people have to sign the pay check. And remember, in Germany the labor unions sit on the boards of big corporations like Daimler. So they really need convincing, that he is worth the money he is asking.

From a teams perspective, LH surely does not come cheap, but he also delivers. Not only on track, but also in attention outside. So if I were one of the smaller sponsors with stickers on the car, and Lewis would leave, I would call Toto and ask for a reduction of my fee.


What I think is likely part of the story is that the LH $$$ ask is huge and is a tough sell for corporate (as discussed)… because I reconthe growth Merc needs is in the US. The unfortunate side of that is that F1 awareness in the US is low. They would undoubtedly have done their market research and it would likely indicate correspondingly that Mercedes F1 awareness is also low (just ask a few US peeps “who Lewis Hamilton” and you will see what I mean) and therefore a lower priority to put your Covid dollars too. So for… Read more »