Could Ferrari lose Alonso?


David Coulthard is right…it’s been a long time since Fernando Alonso has won a championship in Formula One. Having joined the team in 2010 to replace Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso hasn’t won a title since his days at Renault in 2006. It is easy to forget that its been over six years since he’s won a title but I am sure Alonso doesn’t feel the same because he’s driving like a champion each and every race with no results to show for it.

As Coulthard told the BBC, Alonso offered a stark comment after the German Grand Prix when he said:

“They need to do something and they need to do it now.”

The word “they” and not “we” is a bit of a sign and the demand for immediate action is clear as well. Driving for Ferrari is on many driver’s bucket list but doing so for history’s sake isn’t really as appealing as it once was. The 7-time champion Michael Schumacher joined the team only to see his efforts rewarded with a domination of the sport for years but the same has not happened for Alonso.

Silly Season always brings speculation as to which driver will move to which team and with Red Bull’s Mark Webber retiring at the end of the season, the hottest seat in F1 is open. That seat is the focus of everyone’s attention but what else could be lurking behind the Silly Season politics? Could Alonso be prepared to move to a different team? He’s said in the past that he would retire at Ferrari but I believe he also wants to win.

Could you see Fernando leaving the Scuderia for another team? Would McLaren be a good choice? How about Red Bull or Mercedes or even back to the Lotus team from whence he came?

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