Could Kimi test Pirelli tires for F1?

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A report out of Finland suggests that Kimi Raikkonen might be approached to test Pirelli’s Formula 1 tires.

Kimi, in his WRC Citroen team, runs on Pirelli tires.

Here’s the translated story (original here):

Hermbery revealed it has taken already in Turkey pointed out that a former Ferrari test driver would be the ideal partner.

– But I do not know whether it would be Kimi Raikkonen interested in such a proposal, Hembery granted.

Kysytäänpä this evening Räikkönen manager Steve Robertson from.

– Currently, Kimi is totally focused on what you are doing. But if Pirelli is approaching us, of course, discussing the matter. Then depends on whether Kim is interested in the kind of challenge, and how it would fit his schedules, Robertson replied Turun Sanomat.

Citroen drive tires Pirelli Championship rallies, and so character-specific connection should already exist.

Kimi certainly makes sense as a test driver, which always makes me skeptical that it will happen. Sense and F1 in the same sentence?

Is there any way this could be a way back into F1 for Kimi?


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