Could Perez dislodge Palmer at Renault?

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It’s getting close to Silly Season and that means the rumors will start flying in the Formula 1 paddock. In fact, if French paper L”Equipe is a bellweather for such things, Silly Season has already begun.

Fans and journalists alike have been wondering what the likelihood of Renault driver Jolyon Palmer remaining at the team or even in F1 is. The British driver has had a difficult two seasons so far and hasn’t been able to shadow his teammate or best him with any regular basis.

There have been mechanical issues that have scuttled his weekend but the team knows what those are and are best placed to know when he should deliver but didn’t. It all adds up to a questionable reality as a Renault driver and I am not sure who might pick him up if he did lose his ride in 2018.

One name that the report does target as a replacement is Sergio Perez and that’s a good bid in my estimation. Sure, the Mexican looked a little ragged in Monaco, but I’d rather have a driver that I have to reign in than one I have to kick the arse of.

Perez is also being whispered as an alternative to Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari and certainly given their current form, Perez would prefer that ride to Renault but I still can’t discount the French team’s ability to recover in 2-3 years’ time. They are a works team, let’s not forget.

If Renault couldn’t lure Sergio away from Force India or a Ferrari ride, I still believe they should re-engage Carlos Sainz and my long shot, if Fernando doesn’t renew at McLaren for the Indy 500 opportunity, would be Alonso. The allure of another Indy 500 attempt and possible Le Mans ride is awful compelling though.

Either Sainz or Perez would make a terrific combination punch for Renault as they have Nico Hulkenberg as well. Would you look at someone else? If so, who would that be?

Hat Tip: L’Equipe

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Dave Domenicano

No facts, nothing… move along people, nothing to read here! Click-bait bullshit!

Tim C

Decorum and civility please. This is the journal of F1 opinion . . . with the emphasis on opinion. Thank you

Negative Camber

I linked the source so you can read what L’Equipe says about it and where they got their information. WE are a site of F1 opinion and discussion, not a news outlet, mate. We talk about the news and occasionally we break news but this site is for new and veteran fans to discuss the news of the day. We don’t engage in clickbait my friend. Thanks for the drive-by shooting though.

Gabriel Giusti Rulli

I know Bottas is doing an okay job, but isn’t that 2nd driver ride at Mercedes available? Could Perez be looking to secure a seat at Ferrari or Mercedes? That would open a seat at Force India for Alonso. There’s the Ricciardo to Ferrari rumor as well, that would allow Sainz Jr to move up the order at RBR, and, hopefully, Gasly to STR…


I can not see any point whatsoever in Mercedes changing Bottas for Perez as Bottas has already slotted into the team well and has demonstrated good speed. Mercedes management have almost gone out their way to praise Bottas and the better atmosphere in the team since he replaced Rosberg and change for the sake of change is pointless, so I just can’t see it happening. Ferarri would make more sense but even then it is arguable if Perez brings anything more to the party than Raikkonen and I suspect Vettel will have a large say in who gets the other… Read more »

Gabriel Giusti Rulli

Ideally Alonsou would want a top team. But there is no seat avaiable he would fit in, Mercedes/Ferrari/RBR. The next team in line is Force India, Williams close behing.


Top team and not the team right behind the top teams

Negative Camber

If you’re Ferrari, would you rather get Daniel and Seb back together again or take Perez? I don’t see anyone moving at Merc at this point.


The Hulk and Perez got along really well at Force India, and delivered the points to their highest ever finish in the constructor standings. I could see this as a good move for Renault if they can get Perez away from Force India. It would have to be a mutl-deal year because even next year, I think Force India will be ahead of Renault, but that gap would have closed. That is of course, unless some team based over in Italy comes calling…

Prakhar Mehrotra

I think Perez is a great fit for Renault. Him and Hulk have proven to be great teammates that can bring home big points for the team. I think Perez will look to Ferrari first although time is on his side (didn’t realize that he was only 27) and he can afford to wait a couple of years for Renault to get back to competitiveness