Coulthard: Alonso story ‘does not add up’

As the speculation continues, there were concerning reports in the foreign press that Fernando Alonso may have suffered some memory loss from his testing crash in Barcelona. With the first grand prix just a week away, Alonso will sit out allowing reserve driver, Kevin Magnussen, to take the wheel while the 2-time champion recovers.

Conflicting reports from McLaren about the extent of his injury or if there was, in fact, any injury at all has only prompted more speculation with F1 driver turned commentator, David Coulthard, weighing in saying “something does not add up”:

“There is conflicting information coming out, saying there are zero signs of any injury but then three days of hospital for concussion.

“It does not add up. He does not need three days of privacy, he can go to his own private residence and have that.”

The speculation was emboldened when media reports suggested that Alonso had lost his memory when gaining consciousness:

“I’m Fernando, I’m in karts and want to become Formula 1 driver,” Alonso said to doctors, according to Le Pais newspaper.

It’s all a bit strange and while Alonso says he’s looking forward to the second race of the season, the inevitable chipping away of the words, press releases and commentary is leading most fans to suggest that something else happened to Alonso than a knock to the head by hitting the wall at Barcelona.

Hat tip: BBC Sport

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