David Coulthard

Mark Webber’s recent comments about his new discussions for a contract in 2009 are nothing more than a tactic.This is according to his teammate David Coulthard (DC).  DC said:

“I can only presume it was either to stimulate talks with the team or to stimulate interest in the rest of the paddock, reminding people that he’s on the market, I would conclude that it was a positioning tactic rather than anything else.”

Both Red Bull drivers are at the end of their contracts in 2008 and while Mark Webber is keen to stay at Red Bull; DC’s future seems less likely as he has contributed none of the teams current 10 points.  DC was quick to point out that he will not be applying the Webber-esque positioning tactics:

“I will keep my own counsel until I have a firm deal to announce,”

Could that deal include retirement with a severance package?  Or is the Scotsman being sought after by Red Bull or any other team?  With Toro Rosso going the away and loads of young kids waiting int he wings to join F1; is DC’s stock still trading at an all-time high on the F1 market?

It must be said that I like DC but it seems to me that he may not be enjoying Formula 1 as much as he used to.  His comments this year have been those of a less-than-motivated driver.  That’s not to say that what he does each grand prix isn’t difficult or good but he doesn’t seem to have the same passion he had for the race.  He has made it clear that this form of qualifying is not his cup of tea and his race pace is suffering compared to his teammate Mark Webber.  If there is any measuring stick in Formula 1 it is the battle against your teammate.  This battle is clearly being lost and perhaps DC might find that life outside of F1 could be even more rewarding than an unmotivated life in the Paddock.

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“I will keep my own counsel until I have a firm deal to announce”? Pal, get a clue. It sounds to me as if the industrial-grade knee-pads DC will need to beg for a job soon, are on back-order. One would think that after all these years, he would learn humility and drive slowly off into another series. Alas, the ego of the borderline over-the-hill professional athlete is shining brightly here. What a shame. Hanging on to threads of a glorious past will only tarnish his legacy in my eyes.

Negative Camber
Negative Camber

Legacy? You are a kind man Dave.


Maybe I was a wee bit generous, but how many men have started as many GPs as DC? Not many, my friend. Not many.