Coulthard: Piquet should be punished

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There are a lot of people in F1 that have been involved at the cutting edge of competition. Former drivers, team bosses, employees and managers. One thing that sets David Coulthard (DC) apart is that he still works in the sport and is viewing it from an entirely new perspective now.

That new perspective hasn’t prevented him from sharing his opinion on Nelson Piquet’s race-fix crash in Singapore 2008,

“I think FIA should have punished Piquet too,” the Times of India reported Coulthard as saying on Friday. “He was equally guilty as any other.

“It was really bad. Bad for F1, bad for the fans. The revelations have shaken many, including me.”

“I don’t know how anyone can crash an F1 car,” he said. “All through my career I was trying to avoid a crash. I will be surprised if he gets an F1 drive again.”

Of course one could ask about Spa 1998 and purposeful crashes but I digress. I have to agree with DC here and although I’d really like to hear what DC thinks of Flavio as well as Pat Symonds.

He was certainly suggesting the whole incident was nonsense earlier as we mentioned here so it would be interesting to see his opinion on the entire saga. I submit that he was a shocked as anyone but DC usually makes for good quotes and media fodder.


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