COVID, missing podcasts and Bahrain Vaccines

If you follow my social media then you’ll know that I tested positive for COVID-19 and as such, I didn’t have enough petrol in the tank to record a podcast this week. I wasn’t able to qualify for the vaccination, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want it in favor of ensuring that elderly folks are first priority given the impact we know COVID has on 70+ year-olds.

Apparently Formula 1 feels the same as they were offered the vaccination by Bahrain. The offer was for F1 personnel and media who are attending both pre-season testing and the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix two weeks later.

“Due to the timescale of this year’s F1 event, including testing, the vast majority of participants will be present in Bahrain for a three-week period ahead of the race.

“This, in turn, allows a unique opportunity to provide additional protection for those who wish to take up the opportunity in the form of vaccination.” Said the Bahrain International Circuit via letter.

A spokesman for F1 said that they would not be partaking in the vaccination “ahead of the rollout of vaccines through the health system in the UK”.

Like F1, I wouldn’t have taken the vaccine if offered because I know for a fact that, here in the US, there are elderly struggling to get access to the vaccine while people much younger and with no health issues are getting vaccinations. There are large groups of people who have moved themselves up the “essential” list to get in line ahead of the most vulnerable and that, in my mind, is unfortunate.

I applaud F1 and the teams for turning the vaccine down as a show of unity for the UK and most at risk. On track, it is every driver for himself but that shouldn’t be our approach to COVID-19 and assisting the most vulnerable among us. F1’s position is admirable and I appreciate their support for those who are most vulnerable.

I do appreciate the many tweets and well-wishes from all of you and would ask you to keep Mrs. Camber in mind as she was sent to hospital due to partially collapsed lung. I apologize for missing a podcast this week, that’s not like me and I really try to never miss one. I do appreciate your patience during this tough time.

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Get well soon Mr and Mrs Camber.

Xean Drury

Holy guacamole! Hope all comes out well for you and Mrs Camber. That’s some scary stuff :< Get well.

Lin carlson

Just take care and get well, both of you. We will all still be here waiting for you so take what time you need and don’t rush it.

Toby S

I’m sure that I speak for all of us in the UK (I haven’t checked, we can’t go out) when I say get well soon Todd and family.


Get well soon and all the best to you and your family!

David Brigham

We wish you and Mrs. Camber a speedy and full recovery. We’ll miss spending some time with you this week.


Take care and get well! Podcasts can wait, health can’t. We’ll all be here when you’re ready.

Sigrid Baldersheim

Wish you and your family a quick recovery. Stay safe. Best wishes from Sigrid

James Brackeen

Todd, I hope she is doing ok. I have three lung diseases so COVID is a big deal for us. I’ve had a collapsed lung due to my disease. It is no picnic. Get well and stay safe. Cheers.