Crash won’t affect Alonso, more titles to come

If you were looking for a little encouragement regarding Fernando Alonso’s current condition, then perhaps F1 veteran Gerhard Berger might cheer you up. He reckons Alonso is fine and will not distracted by his recent testing crash and subsequent concussion. Telling the BBC:

“Crashes are part of the game in F1,” he said. “Fernando is such an experienced driver, he will deal with it in a good way and I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on him. He will be ready to go racing again.”

Arguably the best driver on the grid, Alonso has two titles to his name and both were with Renault. He’s struggled in difficult circumstances but managed to wring the neck of cars that weren’t up to the task. It’s part of his ability…he’s that good.

Moving to Ferrari was supposed to see a return to title-winning ways but that didn’t pan out and now some fear McLaren’s current struggles with their new engine from Honda are setting the stage for another dodgy 5-year period. Berger doesn’t see it that way:

“He should have more championships because he is a big champion. The way that he drives, the killing instinct that he has, he’s capable of winning more than two championships.”

I agree with him that Alonso is the full package and more than capable but if McLaren can’t get the car sorted by 2017 when the regulations are set to change again, that could be the waning of an otherwise brilliant career and future chance of more titles. All speculation and there is a lot to play for yet but with Berger on your side, it can’t hurt.

Hat Tip: BBC

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