Crisis? What Crisis? Not in F1!

Bernie Ecclestone
FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone says that the current global financial crisis will have no effect on Formula 1. That’s good news isn’t it? He says with the recent “big deals” with LG and DHL, they are poised very well to weather the storm of financial uncertainty. He also says that as far as he knows all tickets for all the Grands Prix next year have been sold out (I would like to see the supporting documentation on that from China for starters).

So with clear sailing ahead and no financial worries, 2009 should be a great year for F1. Not sure what all the Honda F1 exit was all about but we march, tongue pressed firmly in cheek, forward with profound optimism and look to massive overtaking as espoused by the self-proclaimed “guardian” of the sport of F1, Max Mosley.

If financial difficulty an a lack of overtaking do plague the sport in 2009; I will be “surprised and disappointed” (thanks Max, that term works nicely). Let us all reckon the reality of F1…global advertising for less. As so this concept, as offered by Bernie, should prove to be most efficacious for would-be advertisers flush with cash in 2009…ouch, sorry…I pressed too hard with my tongue…hurt my cheek. I’ll get back to you on that.

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