CVC not selling…who’s buying?

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone, F1 boss, says that CVC has had loads of offers but is not willing to sell their stake as the majority stockholder of F1. I was wondering who might be tempted to buy F1 from CVC given the current economic atmosphere but alas it must be loads:

“Lots of people have approached them,” said the 78-year-old Briton, “I don’t think they are going to sell.”

Source GMM.

He also mentioned that luxury boxes at circuits may be down 20% but advertising revenue, trackside, remains stable. Bernie admits it’s difficult now but also says things are going great and even promoters have nothing to worry about as the events have “guarantees” in place. then again Bernie admits that: “we shouldn’t judge long-term things on what’s happening today”.

so things are great and we have loads of people wanting to buy F1 and all the Grands Prix are already sold out and there is 20% reduction in luxury box sales, and trackside advertising remains stable and we shouldn’t’ judge long-term by what is happening now. Well according to you, Mr. Ecclestone, things couldn’t be better right now so are we to not suppose long-term it will be going great as well?

All this can most likely be summed up this way; Economic recession corrected; F1 is doing fabulous!

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