Damon Hill: Maldonado has ‘that chemistry world champions need’

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Count Damon Hill among those impressed by Pastor Maldonado.

“Pastor did a great job in Australia, although unfortunately it did not go too well at the very end when he had an accident, it showed that his potential was there,” Hill said, according to our favorite Formula 1 source, The Sun.

“Then in Spain, given it was his first ever pole in F1 and a chance to win his first race, he did not put a foot wrong.

“He also managed to withstand the pressure from Alonso, so you have to say that there is more to him than meets the eye.

“He seems a well-composed person. He is balanced and has that chemistry world champions need.”

Hey, if the BBC can anoint Lewis Hamilton the 15th best F1 driver ever, why can’t Hill tout Pastor as a potential world champ?


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