Danica who?

The newly created F2 series, brainchild of FIA President Max Mosley, is starting to fill its rosters with talented, young drivers of every stripe. The cars, designed by Williams F1, will be driven in the series by new faces and one of those faces will be new female driver Natacha Gachnang.

Natacha is no stranger to open-wheel racing as she has competed in Formula BMW and F3. While most Europeans may know Natacha already, Americans are most likely still enamored with our own female race car driver Danica Patrick, and may be new to the very attractive Swiss driver. This will undoubtedly create a problem for Frantic F1’s allegiances.

It’s great to see a new face in racing from the female side of humanity and while it remains to be seen if the battle for female racing notoriety and marketing supremacy will take place in a race for the Sports Illustrated cover between Danica and Natacha; it does not look like either of them will be racing against each other in Formula 1 anytime soon. Danica has all but passed on the notion of driving for USGPE (the newly formed American F1 teams) and Natacha will have to cut her teeth in the feeder series before being taken seriously for a ride in F1.

If Natacha does well, she finished 3rd in the 2008 Spanish F3 series, she will earn a test drive with Williams F1 (that’s the prize for winning the F2 title). The last female in F1 was Giovanna Amati. In 1992 she failed to qualify for three grands prix with Brabham.

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