Daniel Ricciardo reveals his Ultimate Track

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I’ve always enjoyed the concept of drivers or Formula 1 luminaries assembling their favorite tracks comprised of their favorite corners and features of tracks all around the world.

This week’s installment is from none other than Daniel Ricciardo who has assembled a terrific circuit which is highlighted by Fox Australia right here. they discuss his thoughts corner by corner and it’s terrific.

What I really enjoyed was the interview they did on Fox Australia which once again shows just how delightful this young man is. He’s a terrific personality for the sport and fantastic ambassador for the nation of Australia.

Now, what do you think of his ultimate track? From a driver perspective, I have to think it may be slightly different from a fan’s perspective but is it? Are these not some of our favorite race track features? Keep in mind, it is from the current calendar so you can’t go back to Zandvoort or Kyalami.

Hat Tip: Fox Australia


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Paul KieferJr

Sorta looks familiar. Didn’t Martin Brundle do a track like this?

Jack Flash (Australia)

That show, “The Project”, is actually on Free-to-Air Broadcast across the TEN Network Australia. It is a weekly, light hearted, sports and current affairs program. The presenter/panel are a mix of comedians, ex-sports personalities, and journalists. The only thing Fox SPorts about the clip, was Daniel’s shirt. I guess Daniel’s TV appearance on the TEN Network (prime time) was Fox affiliate authorised. Anyway, as you see… What you see on FOM and Formula 1 broadcasts is exactly what you get with Daniel Ricciardo. Same as Mark Webber. It is an Aussie thing. We as a population generally dislike pretense, preciousness,… Read more »

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