Day 2 of WRC event finds Kimi in a familiar spot

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Remember how Kimi Raikkonen was doing OK during the first day of the Rally of France?

Well, hang on — and if you haven’t checked in yet and don’t want to know about Day 2, well stop reading — because it went from “typical” to … “more typical.”

Kimi, at almost no speed, drove off the road and was stuck in the mud for 37 minutes. He went from his solid, if unspectacular seventh spot all the way down to 50th.

And he isn’t happy:

“We went off the road at basically zero speed,” said the Finn. “It was so stupid. We got stuck on a mud bank with the car half on the road and half off the road. Eventually we had to get a rope to get the car back on the road.”

As I wrote yesterday, it seems to me that Kimi’s choices for next year come down to being seventh to 10th in WRC or somewhere in the same neighborhood in Formula 1, given the car he would get at Renault.

But at least when you drive off the track in F1, you’re done — you don’t have to keep going. No ice cream time for Kimi this weekend.


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