‘Days of Thunder’ nearly made Jenson Button cry — not!

OK, if this answer doesn’t endear Jenson Button to Grace, no amount of passing Fernando Alonso on his way to a second straight world championship will.

Button today is the second driver to get the “Secret Life” treatment from the official Formula 1 site, and, well, I think he does a pretty good job, starting with the Tom Cruise-reference:

Q: Which film makes you cry?
JB: Not many. Actually ‘The Notebook’ almost made me cry. And also ‘Days of Thunder’… no, not really, that was a joke.

Really, I think I could stop there and this would be the best post of the week. Admittedly, it’s a slow week, but that’s pretty good Jenson.

Here’s more highlights, though:

Q: Are you the kind of guy to have a ‘Plan-B’?
Jenson Button: No, I never have a ‘Plan-B’. That’s one of my weaknesses, obviously.


Q: What was your biggest (non-Formula One) speeding fine?
JB: I think it was around £500, something like 600 Euro. That was in 2000. I cannot remember how much over the speed limit I was.

Q: Name five things that you hate?
JB: When it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella. Greasy food, I hate greasy food. I hate losing, the economy and people who are negative.

Q: Have you ever dyed your hair?
JB: I did it when I was younger. I was around 14. I dyed the front very blond. It looked horrible.

And, for Negative Camber, who I am sure owned a few of this band’s records:

Q: What was the first CD you bought?
JB: It was a band called UB40. It was a long time ago. The single was ‘Rat in the Kitchen’.


Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
JB: No piercings. I have three tattoos at the moment, but I’m getting a fourth when I’m in Japan. What two of them mean I cannot tell you, it’s private and in Japanese. That one (on the right side of his hip) is a button… that’s obvious.

Q: What did your teachers say about you in your school report?
JB: I tell you what, I wasn’t so bad in lessons but I was a bit poor at concentrating. My mind always used to be thinking of something else – I was always thinking about racing.

Q: Who were your childhood heroes?
JB: Someone I really admired was Alain Prost – his driving. I also admired Nigel (Mansell), who was always fun to watch. Outside of Formula One, there wasn’t really anybody.


Q: Do you collect anything?
JB: Cars and watches – the typical habits of a racing driver.


Q: What was your first car?
JB: It was a bike. A little Yamaha 50cc, when I was seven years-old. I was very lucky.

Hey! Isn’t that question one of F1B’s go-tos?

Anyway… there are a few more good ones at the site. And if I thought Grace wouldn’t be reading this, I’d mention the picture of Jenson’s girlfriend, whose legs, I reckon, are longer than Bernie is tall.

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