DC: Red Bull can be 4th

Lately I have been noticing that DC has been self-promoting himself regarding his value to the team off the track as well as on.  In a 5 Live podcast he was going on about his contributions to the team off the track and in his latest statements he seems intent on making us understand just how valuable he is to the team from a development side.  He has no CV to stand on with his on-track performance save his most recent podium and it seems to me he may just have limited choices next year and is hoping to remind the team just how valuable he has been.  Just saying…

“It is a very optimistic goal, but on the other hand it is realistic because if we as a team are going to be a serious team in the future we have to be moving forward each year.

“One thing I am particularly proud of is that when I joined he team it was the challenge of trying to take the team forward. I believed in Mr Mateschitz’s commitment financially to find the right people – and obviously I helped to bring in people like Adrian (Newey), and slowly but surely we have taken out those that don’t fit within the organisation – and we are moving forward.

“It looks as if the team is building a solid foundation and that is especially satisfying as it shows that I influence the direction not only in the car but outside it as well.

“How long the fourth position will last? There is no reason why we should not be able to maintain that throughout the year. After seven races we’ve scored more points than Renault, Toyota, Honda and Williams.

“What we need to focus on is to have both cars continue to score points.”

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