DC says Diffuser will be legal

Ex-F1 driver David Coulthard has given his prognostication on how the FIA’s WMSC will rule on the double-decker diffuser on the the 14th.

“I am not an engineer, so I have to rely on the judgement of the FIA technical people,” he said in an interview with the Austrian sports website laola1.at.

“They said in Melbourne that the cars were legal and I think the FIA will confirm that judgement on the fourteenth,” Coulthard added.

“The other seven teams are probably going to have to change their cars.”

One of the arguments against the controversial diffusers is that declaring them legal will result in the other seven teams having to implement expensive and extensive car redesigns amid a global recession.

“That is right, but it does not mean that the diffusers are illegal,” Coulthard insisted.

“You shouldn’t necessarily be punished because you have interpreted the rules differently and thus taken an advantage. Those three teams also spent money to develop their aerodynamics, so that money would also be wasted.

“Formula one is not just about saving money, it is also a championship!” Coulthard said.

source GMM

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