DC weighs in on Racism remarks

Although he is officially retired from F1, David Coulthard hasn’t stopped talking about it or engaging in the more sensitive and politically hot topics.This week Bernie Ecclestone has come under fire for some comments or rather dismissive nature of his words chosen to describe the racially motivated comments actions Lewis Hamilton received this year with a Spanish web site as the most recent offender.

Kick It Out, a anti-racism group centered n the sports world, has called for Bernie Ecclestone’s resignation amidst his comments of last week. While Bernie says he has spoken to the Hamilton’s and all if fine, DC has weighed in on the issue in support of Bernie and takes a large swipe at football.

“It is trying to be built into something much bigger than it is,” Coulthard told the BBC. “What happened in Spain because of those four guys, I’m sorry, but it hardly represents a nation of racists. I’ve seen some people having a pop at Bernie for trying to play it down, but what would you expect him to do? He is the ringmaster, the guy that has created this amazing foundation of business success that enables all of us to earn our pennies.”

“We’re all talking about Lewis being the first billion dollar sportsman, well that is on the foundations of what Bernie has created,” he added. “To turn round and try to get Bernie to offer an apology to Lewis is just ridiculous. F1 may have many failings, but it does not come close to the racism you see in people’s first love, and that’s football.”

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