Max, yet again, has proven that he is bereft of the scale and seriousness of what he has done.  He appears to be living in a world of self-focused self preservation that is still holding court over the spectacle that is F1.

“She was very angry, but in the end we will not be divorcing,” he said. “It was all very embarrassing for my family. Apart from the Nazi element it was all true.

“They say I compromised the image of F1 and that of its sponsors, but I don’t even know any sponsors. How many fans has F1 lost because of me? None, I believe.

“One time homosexuals and transvestites were criticised and in England homosexuality was a crime.

“But everyone does what they want in their private life because it doesn’t hurt anyone. Those that criticise are those that think sex is just the classic missionary position. But it’s not just that and that criticism of my private life has no foundation.”

In the same quote, almost same sentence, Max says that his wife was angry (no doubt hurt) and then says that “it doesn’t hurt anyone”.  huh????

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