Denial – KERS…

Max supposes the teams that are suggesting the time line for KERS is too aggressive is just nonsense.He thinks BMW should have known better than run their system with no grounding to dissipate an electrical charge that injured a mechanic two weeks ago. Max thinks Red Bull were like children playing with model airplanes and thus caused the recent fire at their facility through negligence and over stressing the battery.

Max also thinks that the increase in costs in F1 to develope the KERS system will be a drop in the ocean compared with the benefits to road cars in ten years time. Uh…I thought we were curbing costs not looking for a place to absorb R&D for the worlds cars. Wait a minute, isn’t that what F1 is all about? Developing technology that benefits the world through road car applications? Oh, wait…was that why we have an engine freeze? Or is that the reason we are not allowing T-cars to races? Oh hell, now I am really confused.

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