Dennis: Alonso has no concussion, was unconscious

McLaren boss, Ron Dennis, has opened up a little bit more on the incident involving Fernando Alonso during the second test of the winter season and prompting a three-day stay at hospital. According to Dennis, Alonso was unconscious briefly:

“He was unconscious for a relatively short period of time,” Dennis told reporters. “We could hear him breathing but no other sounds.”

Dennis suggested that Alonso had difficulty recalling and had suffered “some loss of memory” but that his diagnosis was good. In fact, Dennis says there was no concussion:

“The CTU and MRI scans were completely clear, no indication of any damage. There was no concussion detected in the scan and physically he is perfect,”

The team are focused on Alonso’s recovery leaving some question as to if he will be ready for the first grand prix in Australia but Dennis says he’s doing well and ready to go. The fact that the team and doctors have taken such decisive measures is:

“the level of focus was extreme because Fernando is Fernando,”

“He’s pushing very hard to get in the car,” said Dennis. “He is completely lucid and normal. He is completely fine and feeling better every day.”

The team called up Kevin Magnussen to stand in for this week’s test session and along with Jenson Button, McLaren will try to get on top of the challenging tests they’ve had so far with  their new Honda engine.

Today’s test was called short after a hydraulic leak was discovered prompting and engine change. The set back is only piling on more pressure for reliability and with a lack of testing mileage, even if Alonso is ready for Melbourne, McLaren may not be.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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